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Using START V2
There are two ways to use START V2. One option is to download and install the system to run on your own server. The other option is to run START V2 remotely, hosted at (or with another provider). The "look and feel" of the system is identical, no matter where it is hosted.

START runs on all contemporary flavors of Unix/Linux, and is packaged with an automatic installer, which quickly configures the program to your system's environment. After the initial set-up, the remainder of your configuration can be done through your web browser. Detailed instructions are provided; however, if you need installation assistance, you can count on our help. We will make sure that you can get START up and running on your system - before you are asked to pay for it.

Before deciding on the self-hosting option, you may wish to consult our installation notes. This will give you a reasonable idea about the installation process, as well as the software base required for running START V2.

The other option is to have your server hosted at If you are looking for totally hassle-free solution, this may be your best alternative. In this case, you won't have to worry about installation, maintenance, backups, or other system-related issues. This is all included. Also, whenever a new version of START is released, the hosted server will be automatically upgraded to that version.

If you decide to download and install the system yourself, you will be notified whenever a new version is produced - and then you can upgrade yourself. Upgrading to a new version of START is very simple - and it can be done without interrupting your submission/review process.

Whether it's hosted or rented, a START V2 license include free maintenance services, free upgrades, and installation help, for the duration of your conference process. You can count on our help, whenever you need it - to resolve technical problems, or just for advice on setting up the program to best fit your needs. In other words, you'll be able to rely on the developer to help you with any issue which arises during the editorial process.

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