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Welcome to, and the START V2 ConferenceManager.

START V2 is an integrated web-based solution for managing peer-reviewed conferences and workshops. START helps streamline all steps of the editorial process, including paper/abstract submission, committee formation, paper reviews, on-line technical committee meetings, report compilations, author notification, preliminary conference program creation - and a lot more.

If you are in charge of a peer-reviewed conference or workshop - and you are looking for a web-based system to help automate your submission/review process - then you should seriously consider using START V2. START is very easy to use, and it is highly reliable. START can manage conferences and workshops of any size, with almost any conceivable organizational structure. The system continues to improve, based on feedback from users. is not a general-purpose IT company. We are very specialized, and our software supports a specific group of users: organizers of conferences and workshops, as well as the professional societies which sponsor conferences and workshops. offers one product, the START V2 conference manager.


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